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Lessons Learned from a Black Male's Perspective 

Life's path isn't always straight, but the objective is to progress upward.


Whether you've had the pleasure (or displeasure) to have encountered me at some point in life, I welcome you! I'm excited you've elected to take some time out of your day to check me out. Here, you can read about a handful of the things that interest me and keep my mind wandering at night. I want to consider this my e-scrapbook simply because it sounds somewhat cool.

Fears, interests, passions, we all maintain them. What's most important are the lessons learned as you attempt to chase those affairs. College student or young professional, life presents us with so many societal pressures and life-defining decisions that we may not have the chance to internalize them effectively. I'll be the first to admit that I've succumbed to a handful of decisions I wish I could redo. 

Anyway, I would like to present a domain where you can follow a few of my ideas and curiosities I've developed thanks to some lessons I've learned in my 20's. I hope that someone (a young male in particular) will identify with a post and potentially use my experiences to make informed decisions to avoid some painful realities I've encountered along my journey. I invite you to reach out whether you relate to a post or you disagree with me completely. Let's talk about the struggles of being 20-something.



A little over a year ago, I wrote an article titled, "Wait, How Did You End Up in Minnesota?" where I chronicled a life-altering event that adjusted the lenses I use to interact with the world. A major purpose of the piece was to convey some of the emotions I underwent and the realizations I uncovered during my stay in...